$143 Closed in 2023
11,000 Acres Sold in 2023
18 Counties Served in 2023
$1.232b Over the Past 14 years


McEwen Group is a family with a diversity of interests and experience, led by veterans of the real estate industry, who understand how important it is to support each others roles in the company in order to function as a highly effective unit that our clients find pleasure in working with and coming back to.

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We consider ourselves to be leaders in our industry at producing authentic marketing content. Our goal is to raise awareness to the best qualities each of our clients’ properties have to offer, while also setting the right expectations for potential buyers.

We strive to be different by placing an importance on tasteful imagery, good writing, and consistent exposure through print and digital mediums.

We have a full-time filmmaker and writer who understands how to use land. We have a seasoned design and marketing specialist with tremendous insight and creative taste. We have never felt more strongly about our capabilities to effectively market real estate.

*FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot on staff

Rusty Cockrell

Rusty Cockrell
Content Creator

Bryson Leach

Sarah Gilliams
Marketing & Design

YouTube video


We know what it takes to get your listing seen by interested buyers by crafting the perfect marketing package for your property.

  • Exclusive promotions and exposure on top MLS land sites
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Ad buys on online and print publications
  • Direct Mail to targeted buyers
  • Coverage on our Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Custom, sharable listing on

Why List With US?

  • Strong Relationships
    • 45 years of relationships in the music, healthcare, legal, development and real estate industries across the United States.
  • Experienced Vendors
    • From surveyors and forestry specialists to contractors and earth movers, we’ll show you what you can do to get your property ready to sell and help you find the right people to get it done.
  • Service Excellence
    • Our agents and office staff work together to help you close your sale with prompt communication and efficiency.
  • Real Experience
    • When it comes to the stream, woodlands, and valleys of the region we serve, nobody knows it better. We grew up here, we play here, and we work here. You need people on your side who understand the “big picture”.
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